Sponsors Turn Donors for Community’s Sake

Shipwrecked Music Festival was a new event for Clatsop County, and an exciting opportunity for sponsors to show community support. When the event was cancelled just two days prior to showtime we hoped that some of the sponsors would convert their sponsorship into a donation.

What we didn’t expect was for every single cash sponsor to convert their sponsorship. Which is exactly what happened. This show of support during hard times reminds us that we’re all in this together. We’re lucky to live in a county where so many businesses care about community.

These generous donations will go to support local nonprofits working to make life a little bit better for people who are struggling.

We’ve listed these donors below, keep them in mind when you’re looking for a local business. Not only are they working hard to provide products and services, behind the scenes, their hearts are in the right place too.

Seaside OutletsKMUN 91.9 Coast Community Radio94.9 The Bridge
The Bridge TenderRiverview Bookkeeping & Virtual CFOHits 94.3 KRKZ

Domestic Violence Survivor Shares her Story of Gratitude

Kristina’s ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment wielding a knife with which he threatened to kill her, then himself. When she shared details about the attack, she talked about the fear, the panic, the rage…but the theme she kept coming back to, was gratitude.

First she described the appreciation she had for the Coast Guard men upstairs who locked the door and stood guard while she shakily called the police. Then, with enthusiasm, she talked about the advocates from The Harbor who walked her through the next steps.

“They helped me get my belongings, offered to make phone calls to my family, put me up in a hotel and made sure I had safe transportation so my ex couldn’t recognize my car. ”

The Harbor, a United Way of Clatsop County Nonprofit Partner, provides advocacy, prevention and support while promoting self-determination and hope for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Kristina felt more vulnerable than she ever had after the attack, but she felt the competence of the advocates allowed her to relax into their care after the incident.

“I appreciated that the advocate who came to my house the night I was attacked also came to every court hearing. She was with me when I was scared, when I was nervous about testifying, when I had to recount the story in front of the court. Her support, all the way through the final court hearing, put me at ease and made me feel comfortable.” Kristina smiled and dreamily looked off in the distance. ” I don’t know where the advocate is now, but I wish I could see her, tell her I survived, that I’m ok and l am telling my story so others can know about resources are available to keep them safe too.”

The Harbor provides its services completely free and confidentially. Their staff believe individuals are the experts of their own needs, and are ready to listen and help survivors navigate to a place of safety. This was Kristina’s experience, for which she is immensely grateful.

For more information about The Harbor, visit theharbor.org/home

Iron Chef Goes Coastal – Event Cancellation

Iron Chef Goes Coastal

For twelve years the beloved event, Iron Chef Goes Coastal (ICGC), has helped financially aid local nonprofits and has become a staple of Clatsop County fall festivities. The ICGC committee had been meeting since May of 2021, altering, adapting and attempting to reinvent the event in consideration of COVID related health and safety concerns.

Unpredictable COVID numbers, overflowing local hospitals and other obstacles have led United Way of Clatsop County and the Iron Chef Goes Coastal committee to cancel 2021’s  Iron Chef Goes Coastal event.

It is with heavy hearts we communicate this decision, as we were excited to be together, showcase the talents of local chefs and most importantly, raise money for underprivileged Clatsop County children, families and seniors, for whom every day is a struggle. 

We thank everyone who supported this event, local restaurants and our community, and look forward to dining with you at future Iron Chef Goes Coastal events.

Until then, we hope to hear from you at this year’s Radiothon & Silent Auction scheduled for November 9-11. Details coming soon!

To financially support the health and safety of Clatsop County residents, click here.