About Us

Improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of Clatsop County Communities

United Way of Clatsop County is an independent nonprofit that works to solve the social issues in Clatsop County.  Our goal is health, safety, education and financial stability for every resident in the county.

UWCC understands the landscape of need in Clatsop County, investing in initiatives and programs that address it.

Funding from UWCC is raised through events, sponsorships, grants and donations from individuals and business owners. From Arch Cape, to Astoria and Hammond to Jewell, volunteers research the biggest challenges in the county and collaborate with professionals to solve them.

Learn more about the impact your contributions make in the community.

United Way of Clatsop County Diversity Statement

United Way of Clatsop County values diversity and desires to promote respect for the dignity of all people without regard to race, creed, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or veteran’s status.

Valuing diversity is a priority for our organization.  Our goal is to maximize the impact we make in our community-a community built upon diverse talents, cultures and perspectives.

We shall continually strive to reflect the diversity of our community in our employment, our provision of services, our volunteer participation, and in the composition of our Board of Directors, committees and staff.

Annual Campaign

People who have been self-reliant are suddenly finding themselves needing help to pay for heat and rent. Unemployment, hunger and homelessness are on the rise.

United Way’s Annual Campaign helps fund a strong network of social services to aid people in need. Our network of agencies is reporting record-breaking demand, so your help is needed now more than ever. The economic plight affecting so many hard-working families may not always be visible, but the impact is all too real in our schools and among our service providers.

If you are able to respond in any way, your help will make a critical difference. If you’ve already made a gift to United Way this year, please consider an additional one-time emergency gift. If you haven’t donated to United Way, please do so now. It may be the most important gift you give this season.

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