Nonprofit Partners


BSA Scouting: Shipwreck District

BSA Scouting is a family based organization that helps Clatsop County youth develop citizenship, character and physical fitness.  Serves boys ages 6-20 and girls 14-20 through adult mentoring programs.

Camp Kiwanilong:

Camp Kiwanilong provides a safe, unique, rustic camp with programs that serve area youth of all backgrounds including school, youth and community groups. “Sparkyships” are granted to needs-based youth attending the 6-week summer program.

Clatsop Community Action:

Clatsop County’s non-profit agency specializing in food, housing, energy assistance. CCA offers Information & Referral to all of the area’s human service partners to help individuals and their families in need.

al_harbor1The Harbor:

The Harbor provides advocacy, prevention and support while promoting self-determination and hope for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

The Healing Circle – Victory Over Child Abuse (VOCA):                 503-325-2761
Victory Over Child Abuse (VOCA) Camp is a safe, specialized, healing annual camp program for child survivors of sexual abuse.  Adult volunteers provide children safety and healing time during camp, as well as mentoring support through the year.

Libraries ROCC:

Libraries Reading Outreach in Clatsop County is a library services outreach program  for all youth in Clatsop County that live in rural areas of the County. Together, through collaboration, networking, and community support, we are bridging the gaps between funded and unfunded youth services in rural areas. The work is supported by the three public libraries, five school districts, and Clatsop County as well as grants, public, and private support. Our three main goals are to place a library card in the hands of every child who wants one, to provide courier services between the schools and libraries for library materials, and  to support the annual countywide summer reading program.

Helping HandsHelping Hands:


The Mission of Helping Hands is to provide a helping hand to a sustainable life through Resources, Recovery, and Reentry.  The programs are person-centered and trauma-informed; strong collaborative partnerships are built with local programs and connections are fostered between participants and  community partners.

SMART Reading:

The Start Making A Reader Today (SMART) program connects kids, books and volunteers – because reading matters, and the simple magic and joy of a shared book can change a child’s life trajectory.



What they provide: Parent navigators help guide you through a difficult system. Parent education groups and workshops. Parent support groups. Year-round sensory friendly community events. Summer camps. Youth navigator services. Tutoring. IEP advocate assistance.

ART Room

Art Room is dedicated to enriching the social, emotional, and academic development of Clatsop County’s elementary aged students by providing comprehensive, standards-based art education through daily classes, weekly workshops, and monthly special events.