Board of Directors

2021-2022 UWCC Officers

Board President: Katina GasserTongue Point Job Corps Center

Vice President:  Briana Smith, Events NW + Loft @ the Red Building

Board Secretary: Kelsey Hix, AAA Oregon

I grew up sheltered in a large middle class family where my dad worked 7 days a week 364 days a year while my mom did everything in the house. I went into the adult world not knowing how to maintain an apartment, make real meals, or really care for myself let alone anything about the world. Because of that I am trying to give back to the community now and help my children grow up with a better understanding  of the world outside our own home.

Board Treasurer: Judy Geiger, Columbia Memorial Hospital

I have been influenced by many of my extended family members who were devoted to not for profit work especially supporting vulnerable people.  Everyday at work, I encounter people in need of assistance in some aspect of their lives.  I am passionate about making our world a more inclusive place.  Our diversity makes us a more well rounded and interesting world.  I enjoy working with the amazing United Way partner organizations.  It is incredible what we can do together to support people in need in our community.

2021-2022 Board of Directors

David Pero, Retired

Teresa Brownlie, NW Natural

Michele Tompkins, Retired

Cathy Jo Kirkpatrick, Alexandroff Dental,  Independent Arbonne Consultant

I’ve greatly enjoyed volunteering in my community starting at an early age. I do what I can to give back and serve others. Volunteering in schools and working in dental hygiene over the years I’ve seen the effects of neglect, especially on children. My mission is to lock arms with others and offer hope, health, love, support and empower children, teens and adults to know they are deserving of love, proper nutrition, safety and break the cycle they may have been born into. Together we can live united and make a difference and create a ripple effect of change in the world.

Amanda Barp, Owner, Watershed Wellness

I founded Watershed Wellness with my partner in 2009. I spend the majority of my time helping others feel better in their bodies, and facilitating the space for our other practitioners to do the same. My background in feminist philosophy has given me a unique understanding of how we, as individuals, are affected by the outside influences of our culture, our place in the world, and how we are viewed by others. In turn, this individual understanding informs how we work together in community. I believe our true work is to understand ourselves more deeply so that we can be excellent community members who work together toward common goals of equity for all.

Jen Munson, State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

I come to the United Way Board from a rural environment neighboring, and not unlike, Clatsop County.  Clearly, rural areas have unique needs that are often overlooked or neglected by government entities.  Many of United Way’s partner agencies attempt to address those needs here – literacy, youth mentorship, technology/information access, and resource referrals to navigate the challenges associated with rural poverty. I am interested in the manner in which our Board meets those needs, with a social justice lens, informed by personal accountability.  As Co-Chair of United Way’s Equity Committee, I endeavor to help eliminate disparities in local service delivery and funding allocation for our community’s most marginalized populations.

Rachel Schack, 94.9 The Bridge, Community Outreach, On-Air Personality

Sunil Raju, Owner and Attorney, Coast Land Law

I grew up as the son of first-generation Indian immigrants and was taught to appreciate the amazing opportunities we have in America. While I grew up learning that dreams can come true in our great country, I also learned that the streets are not made of gold and that we, too, have our own challenges with problems related to poverty, healthcare, education and other issues. I feel privileged to be a business owner and attorney in our community and am interested in working with other board members and agency partners to understand our community’s biggest opportunities and challenges, so that we can use United Way’s resources to help make a real difference for people and help them realize their hopes and dreams.


Jennifer Holen, Past Director / Advisor

Advisory Members

John Carlson, CPA

Cindy Johnson, US Bank

Julie Flues, American Red Cross

Jim Osborn, Astoria School District, Signs & Banners Chairperson

Kimberly Fitzwater, Food Services of America, Iron Chef Chairperson

Jim Zile, Georgia Pacific/Wauna Mill