Funding Application

United Way of Clatsop County is an independent nonprofit that annually vets and financially aids charitable organizations in Clatsop County working to improve the health, safety, education and financial security of neighbors in need. United Way of Clatsop County is inviting 501c3s that serve residents of Clatsop County to apply for Financial Assistance in 2023.

To qualify for consideration, non-profits mush be in good standing with local, state, and federal requirements, serve residents of Clatsop County, and complete application requirements listed below. For more information or technical assistance, email

How to apply:

  1. Complete all required questions on electronic application found here.
  2. Send additional required documents to by January 6th, 2023:
    a. Proof of non-profit charitable status
    b. Budget for next fiscal year (optional template found here)
    c. Most recent compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statement (if not available, complete supplemental financial questions found here)
    d. Photos and/or videos of impact in Clatsop County in 2022 (requested, not required)
  3.  Prepare a presentation to be shared with United Way of Clatsop County Board of Directors on February 21, 2023. Additional information will be provided upon receipt of completed 2023 application.